I can fish too

A Much Needed Vacation

Shhhhhhh we're hunting rabbits.
It had been a while since the boys had had a new assignment, and they were getting bored. And now that Procyon was out of commission, they all thought that it would be a good time to get away and have some fun. So they decided to fly to Virginia to do some training with the SEALS to brush up on their tactical skills.

In their spare time the boys would go to the beach and do a bit of surfing and tanning. Erik and Asali were tandem surfing while Shelby, Rudy, and Emily where watching on the beach and cheering them on. Even the dolphins were cheering them on. They would swim by Erik and Asali and stand on their tails, clap their flippers, and bob their heads.

While swimming back out to catch another wave, Erik and Asali had an eerie feeling come over them as if something strange were about to happen. As they were turning the surf board around for this gnarly wave coming up, they caught a glimpse of something shining brightly from a hotel that was on the beach. It looked like it was coming from a third floor window. After they caught the wave in, they asked if the other three had seen the bright flash. Shelby and the rest said they had. So Erik and Asali decided to go check it out and call for backup if anything unusual happened.

In the hotel Erik and Asali took the elevator up to the third floor. As they were walking down the hall, they saw two characters wearing hooded robes. Theycontinued to walk cautiously up to these mysterious people who opened a room door and pointed for Erik and Asali to enter. As they entered the room, they saw abeautiful bunny woman. She introduced herself as Sheila. Erik and Asali instantly took a liking to her.

She told them that she and her other two partners they had just met, were a team of crime fighters called the Long Ears. They came from a different planet, called Loki. Sheila told Erik and Asali that the Gassypups were well known on her planet. That is why Sheila had come to earth to ask for the Gassypups’ help.

She continued telling them about her planet. Loki is 4 times bigger than earth, and the lakes and rivers are unpolluted. Their land is green and lush as well, but she was afraid that would all change if the Vipers might get their way. The Vipers are a nasty group of wolverines from the planet Pilikea. They had depleated their resources and were desperate to do anything to fix it, and they didn't care what life on other planets they destroyed in the process.

Sheila had shown Erik and Asali a hologram of Loki. Asali and Erik were amazed at how beautiful Loki was. After hearing Sheila talk, they knew they had to take the case just as soon as they spoke with the rest of their team. Sheila understood and gave them each a special transmitter to get in touch with her. After much talking and consideration, everyone was on board. They called up Sheila and said that they would take her case. Sheila told them to come back at 9:00 the next morning, and they would be on their way.

Erik couldn't stop thinking about Sheila that night. She had a presence about her, and he realized he had to get to know her better. Erik had no idea that he was going to have some competition as Asali also felt the same way. Morning came around, and the gang headed to the hotel to join Sheila and her team. Then they all headed to the space shuttle in a secret location. As they were taking off, they heard a wing, zing, bam. The shuttle shook then stopped. Sheila wondered if they where ever going to be able to save her planet.

                                                                       Part 2

After a couple of hours working on the shuttle, they found out that it needed a new engine. Emily's brother worked at a factory that made engines for planes and shuttles, and he told them they could get the engine in a couple of days. Sheila was confident that even though it would be two days for the engine, there would still be time to stop the Vipers.

While the Gassypups and the Long Ears teams where working on the shuttle, Erik and Asali were having a friendly conversation about Sheila and her planet. They were talking about how wonderful it would be to see some place that was clean and majestic - where Lokians didn't have to worry about the cars or planes because everything ran on clean methane gas which the weredogs had plenty of.

Asali had gone on and on about how he would be perfect for her because she would always be warm with him since he had more gas than Erik. She didn't need to worry about the fire burning low because if it started to die down, he would just turn around and gas it with more clean bio fuel.

They talked about how her voice just melted their hearts, how she moved, and how she had the most beautiful blue eyes they had ever seen. It was like she could look into their souls.

After a while Erik was getting tired of Asali going on and on about Sheila, so he turned around and gassed Asali. He said, " That'll teach you, you little Runt!" After Asali recovered, he looked at Erik with an "innocent" gleam in his eye and promised to let Erik talk with her, too.

Since they had some time on their hands, Erik and Asali decided they would show Sheila the town. Asali would take her out to lunch, and Erik would take her to dinner. You see, Asali has a thing for tall girls. But since he was only nine inches tall, and Sheila, thirty seven inches, they got stares when seen together. That didn't bother Asali at all because he knew that they were jealous that he had such a gorgeous tall girl by his side.

Asali had a picnic planned on the beach since it was a nice sunny day. He presented her with a bouquet of lavender, nice juicy steaks and a fresh salad he had carefully picked from someone’s garden. Their drink of choice was lemonade he had freshly squeezed. After lunch Asali took Sheila to the aquarium. Sheila said to Asali, "You're quite the gentleman", and I'm having a great time." Asali blushed and said, "Awwwww its nothing really. For you I'd do anything." They talked and laughed for so long that Sheila almost forgot that she had a dinner date with Erik. Sheila said she enjoyed her time with Asali, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Asali thought, 'YES she's mine!'

Erik planned dinner at a nice restaurant that had the most amazing food. He brought her some red and some pink roses, too. He was a whopping thirty inches tall to her thirty seven, and the pair got looks of admiration from everyone they passed. His hair was all slicked back, and his ears plastered to his head. When he saw her, his heart almost came out of his chest. As he kindly pulled the chair out for her, Sheila giggled as Erik did some of his impressions of Asali. She thought to herself, 'Hmmmm... this is going to be hard to choose which one.' She was fond of both of them.

After dinner Erik took her to the beach to watch the stars, and just relax and talk. They had enjoyed talking and star gazing for so long that they ended up sleeping on the beach. Next morning they awoke to Asali standing over them with his hands on his hips and spitting on Erik, showering him with love from

Word came that the engine had been installed. So they got all their gear packed onto the shuttle and were ready to leave. All comfy in their seats, they prepared for take off. While sitting in her seat on the runway, Emily got this feeling that something was missing. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. They sped down the runway and took off. About twenty minutes later Emily let out a blood curdling scream, "OH NO, we forgot Rudy!!"

                                                                      Part 3

Back they went after Rudy #@&%+! As they were coming in for a landing, they saw this tree swaying back and forth. They knew it had something to do with Rudy. After landing and getting off the shuttle, Erik and gang ran over to the tree to see what was going on. Rudy had treed some squirrels who were taunting him and throwing nuts as fast as they could. Asali said,"Rudy, come on, quit fooling around. We have to save Loki."

Rudy said, "I've been here the whole time, you know I have the need to hunt. But fine. I'll go with you guys, because you know how I'm all about helping others." As Rudy walked off, the squirrels threw more nuts at him and yelled, "That's right you better run, you big meanie." Turning around, Rudy shouted at them, "Oh, and by the way, you'll be sad to know that I'm leaving now for more important things to pursue."

They headed back to the shuttle again, and got all comfy. Rudy started to look a little green and began to stagger around. He moaned that he was getting motion sickness.

Erik rolled his eyes and sighed," Why, Rudy, we haven't even started the engines yet!"

Rudy told Erik its the thought that counts as he raced to the bathroom. But he had no luck, and accidently threw up all over Shelia.

Erik and Asali shouted. "Rudy, you threw up all over my girlfriend!" Then they scowled at each other.

Rudy asked," Why am I always getting picked on? I get kidnapped by Procyon, then get left behind by you guys the first time you get in the shuttle. I don't even get to fight over the girl. And all you can do is yell at me?"

Erik and Asali seemed to be paying no attention, as they rushed over to clean Shelia up because that was their only concern. Erik remarked, "Rudy I don't think she's attracted to you now."

Rudy said,"I don't see why not, I'm a catch."

As they were speeding to take off again, Rudy was still feeling sick so decided to lie on the bed with a trash can next to him. Erik told him to put a lid on it because they didn't want any more accidents.

As everyone got settled in their seats once again, Rudy had fallen asleep; and Emily went over to cover him up and give him a kiss on the cheek. Rudy said, "Mom is that you?" Emily chuckled as she had this sweet look in her eyes for Rudy.

They started down the run way watching some Scooby Doo movies first, knowing that it was going to be a long flight. Erik made popcorn and other snacks for them. As they got close to Shelia's planet, they were in awe of its beauty. They could see where the Vipers would want some of Loki's resoures.

Meanwhile, the Vipers, already on Loki, intended to kidnap some scientists for their knowledge of how to save Pilikea, and turn it back into the beautiful planet that it used to be. The Long Ears and Gassypups had gotten word of this. Erik thought that if they talked to the Vipers' head, Rossco, perhaps they could
come up with a solution.

Erik's group floated down as soft as a cloud. After disembarking the craft, they stretched and looked around. The air was as crisp and clean as could be, and it smelled of fragrant flowers. No man made din could be heard at all. It was a culture shock to them-but a wonderful one.

They finally got hold of Rossco, and he agreed to meet with them and talk. The talks went on for serval hours, and it seemed that they had come to an agreement on how to revive Pilikea. But Rossco had other things in mind. He convincingly told the Long Ears and Gassypups that they would leave Loki without incident. Meantime he told his team to go through with the plan to take some scientists hostage, even though he said he wouldn't. Rossco also told his team that if people didn't do as they were told, they'd be cooked up.

                                                                         Part 4

Little did Rossco and his team know that Emily just happened to be standing outside in the hall with her ear pressed up to their door eavesdropping because she was bored. When she heard their devious plans, off she zipped to tell her group.

So Asali called another meeting with Rossco and asked him if he were planning to kidnap any Loki scientists. Rossco gasped and choking on his own saliva, said, "Why NO! Whatever made you think that?"

Asali pretended to be psychic as he stood with his hands on his hips and informed Rossco that he seemed to be the devious type. Rossco gave Asali a crestfallen look, but Asali stood firm and told him that he couldn't kidnap any scientists because it wasn't nice; and moreover, there weren't even any recipes for cooking up scientists.

At that, Rossco and Asali faced off growling at one another. So Rudy, the voice of reason, stepped in to break it up. Rudy, the diplomat, flatly told Rossco that he and his people were responsible for destroying their own planet through their all consuming greed.

At that Rossco wheeled around to face off with Rudy. So Sheila entered the frey and made them both scatter because of her large size. Sheila told Rossco that the people of Loki took pride in how pristine their planet was. Kids, from the time they were babies, were encouraged to go out and play, learn about wildlife, and enjoy their surroundings. Rossco interjected, "If your planet is so pristine and perfect, then why am I here?

                                                                         Part 5

Asali snearingly responded, " Rossco watch it!"

Rossco had stated that he liked Loki so much that he was thinking of staying and running it. Sheila objected, saying that he hadn't learned anything if he thinks that way. Rossco quickly retorted, "What's there to learn when I have so many planets I can choose from? After I'm done here, then I'll go on to the next one. It's a perfect plan. Rudy told Rossco that if he wanted their help he'd have to change his ways and mean it. Otherwise if he didn't shape up, he would be in big trouble. Rossco pretended to quiver saying, "OOOOOOOOhhhhh I'm so scared. Please don't hurt me."

Sheila said, "Uh, Rossco that's a NO! You're not taking over my planet when you never have figured out how to take care of your's!" Shelby and the others, being frustrated with Rossco, decided to belch and watch Rossco bounce off the walls. Rudy, not being able to hold in his laughter, let out a hardy chuckle, asking Rossco how it felt to be messed up? Emily told him that since he liked to ruin planets, he should get a taste of his own medicine.

Rossco, bruised and beaten, finally said, "OK, OK, I give in. With an evil gleam in his eye. Sheila continued, saying that people on her planet were taught to care for and cherish all living things from the time they were babies. Parents take their babies a walk in the fresh breeze every day; and, as they start walking, let them explore their natural surroundings. Their children quickly observe tiny insects and vegetation and other living creatures. Older children find things on the ground like sycamore tree bark and leaves. They make a little slit in the bark and insert the stem of the leaf. Then they put it into a rivulet and watch it sail down the stream. All of their keen observations of nature make them sensitive and thoughtful of other people. So when they grow up, they know what is right and what is wrong. When their planet starts getting out of balance, they all consentrate on solving the problem instead of bickering and pointing fingers at each other. This is not to say that there are not a lot of differing opinions; but with vigerous discussions, they begin to see a pattern emerge and a direction to take. Then they all pitch in to help solve the problem before it's too late.

Rossco pointed at Sheila and accused her of not playing the power game. Sheila got up in his face and snapped, "ROSSCO, you're just plain stupid!

                                                                          Part 6

Rossco, upset with what Sheila said, growled and bared his teeth at her. He ferociously exclaimed, "How dare you say I'm stupid when its your planet that's in ruin by me. Asali stepped in and said, "DUH dude that's the point we're trying to make." Sheila's planet would be fine if IT WEREN'T for you. Rudy, being his usual diplomatic self, stood with his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest said, "Kids, kids, enough of this bickering." I'll send you to the corner if you don't stop.

Rossco was more of a hard head than they had realized, and they had to come up with some way finally to convince him that what he was doing was self destructive. Shelby's idea was to tie Rossco to a chair and tape his eyelids open, and make him watch movies on the enviroment until he got it through his thick skull. Erik mentioned a brain machine they had that could alter someone's way of thinking. After hours of brain washing Rossco appeared finally to submit. He was cunning and convinced the Gassypups and Shelia that he had changed his ways for the better. The Gassypups thought they had made some head way by convincing Rossco of his devious deeds. Rossco had had a temporary lapse of weakness. He cried and said that he wasn't taught any different, that no matter how harsh they were to their planet that it would always replenish its self no matter what. He also wanted to change but never thought it was a serious problem. Rossco went on saying that anytime they though trash out the window the next time they went by the same area the trash was gone.

People on his planet never really thought that trashing Loki would ever have such a harsh effect as it did. There had been some friends of Rossco's that had finally come to the realization of what was happening to their planet, and they decided they wanted to learn and change to revitalize Loki. They urged Rossco he should join them, but Rossco was stubborn and unwilling to pay attention to what was happening to his planet. It seemed that no matter how hard anyone tried to get Rossco to see that he should change his ways of destruction, the more he rebelled.

                                                                       part 7

Rossco was the leader of his group; and though others had changed or were changing their ways, Rossco still wasn't convinced that what he was doing was wrong. He was stubborn to the core, and crafty. He gave lip service to the cause. Erik came up with a plan to secretly tape him. He thought that if they showed Rossco how he was acting, it would finally get him to see the light. The Gassypups discussed how and where they would put the cameras. Rossco, unknowingly being taped, went about his business on how to trash his world; and have the humans do his dirty work. People were afraid not to do what Rossco ordered because they knew that if they tried to escape or defy him it would be curtains for them.

He had and elaborate work ethic that he ordered the humans to do for him. If they refused or argued with him, Rossco would turn them into barbequed sandwiches. In the meantime the Gassypups and Sheila were frusterated and disgusted by what they saw Rossco continue to do. Erik, Sheila, and gang were fit to be tied when Erik came up with an idea to get the love of his life back. He remembered Rossco saying that all the evil stuff he did was after his love, Jasmine, had left him. Erik knew that she was still around because some of Rossco's old colleagues had mentioned her. Erik and gang were desperate to get in touch with Jasmine because they thought if they could talk her into helping them, everything would turn around for Rossco.

Erik, Asali, and Rudy had gone to get the gang some food, and who should they run into but Jasmine, who was getting dinner, too. Asali, Erik, and Rudy could see what Rossco saw in her. She had this pressence about her that could melt the hardest of hearts. They asked the waiter what her name was, and sent over a complimentary bottle of the best wine they had. The waiter told them her name was Jasmine, so Asali went over to Jasmine and said, " Excuse me, but can we talk?" Jasmine looked all around to see where the voice was coming from. Asali, getting frustrated, kicked her in the shin. He asked, " Now do you know where I am?" Asali said that he and his friends would like to talk to her about Rossco. She sighed and said that she knew all about the stuff Rossco was up to, and that she had hoped that when they broke up, he wouldn't have gone back to his old ways.

She and Rudy's gang had sat and talked for a couple of hours. At the end Jasmine was willing to try and talk with Rossco again, and hopefully make him come to his senses. During the conversation Rudy said that he thought it was strange that Jasmine and Rossco ever got together in the first place since Jasmine is a human. Her response was " Like a dog and rabbit aren't a strange couple".... Erik said, with a sly smile, "Why no, because dogs and rabbits are related." In the mean time the rest of the gang were getting worried and hungry waiting for Erik and pals. When Erik and the rest had returned home with food in hand, Shelby had her hands on her hips and grabbed the food from Erik. She asked what took so long because they were starving. Before Erik could get a word out, Rudy said that they had run into Jasmine and had a conversation with her.

Asali told them that Jasmine said she would meet and talk with Rossco. As Rudy, Erik, and Asali were talking about how their meeting with Jasmine had gone, Erik got this twinkle in his eye like he gets when he's around Shelia. Shelia asked him if he had a thing for Jasmine. He plastered his ears back to his head, and looked Sheila as innocently and sweetly as he could, saying, "Why no, Honey, you're the only one for me."

                                                                           Part 8

Shelia, convinced by Erik's response, said, "Ok, but I'll be keeping an eye on Jasmine". Asali, excited by the news that Erik might be out of the running for Shelia's affection, jumped up for joy, yelling, "YES she's MINE"!! Looking around, Asali realized that he had said that outloud because Erik was giving him the evil eye. Asali, not giving Erik eye contact, got nervous and forgot to take his anti gas treat, so he let out a big puff of gas that knocked everyone out cold.

When the gang came to, Shelby said, "Guys, quit playing around. We have serious business to attend. Emily had noticed that Rudy was still out cold. As she walked over to him, she saw that he was twitching and crying, saying, "Mama mama, don't let Erik sit on me again." Emily, shaking him awake, giggled at what he said.

They knew they had to get to work and see if Rossco would agree to a meeting with them. When they contacted Rossco, they told him they thought they'd offer him a deal he couldn't refuse. He agreed, but he didn't see what they could offer him. He told them they were suckers for always thinking he was ever going to change. Rossco asked them to meet at Candy Cane beach the next day around noon.

Asali called Jasmine and told her that they had a meeting time. She said, "I'll be there". When Rossco showed up at Candy Cane beach, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Jasmine with his do gooder enemies. He gasped and asked, "What's this? "You can't convince me to change, so you dig someone up from my past, like that'll change how I feel"?

As Rossco started to walk away, Jasmine yelled out, "Rossco I still love you, and I came to help if you let me." Rossco spun around with joy that the love of his life felt the same way, but he was weary that she might be playing him.

                                                                  Part 9

Jasmine told Rossco that she would never hurt him, that her love for him was real. She said, "Baby, all I want for you is that you to be your true self again." Rossco thought about what she said, and his response was, "I'll think about it". Rossco, unsure of her intentions, asked if they could meet at his place later in the week, and they would take it from there. Jasmine said that was fine, and that by the end of the night, he would truly know how she felt for him.

Later that week Rossco called Jasmine to have dinner with him. She accepted. He said, "Great! Meet me at my place around 6:00 pm. I'll have all your favorite foods".  He spent the whole day cooking and cleaning, he wanted everything to be perfect for his love. Six o'clock came around and, no Jasmine. Seven o' clock, and still no Jasmine. Rossco was frustrated and upset that Jasmine stood him up. He grabbed the vase of flowers he had on the table, and was getting ready to throw it when he heard the door bell. When he answered the door, Jasmine was standing there in a baby blue tight fitting dress with her hair done in curls the way Rossco always loved her hair. It drove him wild.

She said, "Sorry I'm late. I was waiting for the babysitter. The sitter was running late, too, because her own kids were sick, and she was waiting for her husband to come home so she could watch my kids." Rossco said it was better late than never. After dinner they talked and remembered the good times before Jasmine and Rossco divorced. Jasmine spoke about how she missed him ever day, and that she was willing to give their realationship another try if he was willing to do the same.

Rossco, contemplating the idea, and how good it felt to be in her prescence said, "I'm willing to do the same. I've been thinking about how destructive I've been."  I don't want our kids to turn out malicious and vengeful." Jasmine agreed.  She told him that the kids always ask when their daddy's coming home, and that they want to be just like their daddy when they grow up.

Hearing Jasmine say this brought Rossco to tears.. He told her he couldn't take it any more and that this time he was really, really going to change for the better. Rossco said he was ready to meet with the Gassypups and the Long Ears to come up with a plan to bring Pilikea back to its natural, thriving beauty.

                                                                        Part 10

What, another mission? Come back later we're sleeping.

Jasmine said, "I'll make the meeting with them, but I don't think they'll trust that you have changed." Rossco begged and pleaded, "Oh please, please convince them to talk with me." I'll show them that I have changed for the better. Jasmine said,"I'll get the gang to make a meeting with you where everyone can talk and be heard."  Rossco, ecstatic over the news,  gave Jasmine a big wet kiss. Jasmine jerked back and said, "Rossco I didn't come here for that." He apologized, and said that he couldn't help himself.

Jasmine, thinking that it was time for her to go, said, "Just from the time I've spent  here tonight, I can see there's something different about you."  Rossoco, not wanting her to go, tried his best to talk her into staying and talking the night away. Jasmine was thinking about his offer when her phone rang, it was the sitter saying that Aaliyah had to be taken to the emergency room. She told the sitter, Jessica, that they were on their way to the hospital. Rossco kept thinking the worst. Jessica let Jasmine know that she would tell them what happened when they got there, but she said it wasn't life threatning.

What would have been a 30 minute drive ended up being a 15 minute drive. When it comes to Rossco's kids, he always makes sure he's there for them even if it's just to give them a hug. Jessica said that Aaliyah had fallen out of a tree. Even though her fall was softened when she landed on her brother, Frekka, she still got a broken arm. Jessica went on to say that she told Aaliyah that she didn't think climbing the tree was a good idea. Aaliyah replied, "Oh, I do this all the time. I won't get hurt."  Rossco started to lecture Jessica, when Jasmine interrupted and said, "Rossco they take after you. Not wanting to do what their told." Rossco, embarrassed, apologized to Jessica.

After Aaliyah was checked out, Jasmine decided that they should all go to her house. Rossco gave his kids a hug and kiss, and told them he loved them more than anything. He grabbed his jacket and was heading out the door when Jasmine said, "Rossco, I meant you too." He lit up with joy! When they got home, Rossco got them ready for bed, and read them a story until they fell fast asleep. He tucked them in and turned off the lights. He then went to the living room and joined Jasmine in watching a movie. Rossco broke down in tears and said "What if something worse had happened?" Jasmine wiped his tears and said," Thank goodness, it didn't. Rossco, you've always been a good father, but you have issues."

                                                                Part 11

Rossco, realizing his demons, said, " I've been seeing a therapist and going to anger management classes." He continued saying, "I don't know why I need the anger classes, as I clearly have no anger problems." Jasmine rolled her eyes and sighed. The next day when Rossco went to his anger class, the counselor asked him how his day was. Rossco, already in a bad mood, started slamming chairs and books around. The counselor said,"Well thats nothing to get mad about." Rossco snapped back, "I'm not mad. I'm looking for something.!" The counselor, Jack, asked Rossco what he was looking for and if he wanted to share his feelings. Rossco stood with his hands on his hips and told Jack that what he was looking for was none of his business. He went on with, "You want to know what I'm feeling? I'm not happy to be here". Jack said, "Well, at least you're honest, and that's a start."  Jasmine asked Rossco how his anger managment class went. He replied, "It went well. We disscussed our feelings!" Jasmine could tell by his look that he was lying. She said to him, "Rossco, if you're not willing to try, then what makes you think the Gassypups and Long ears can trust you?" Rossco answered, "Ok, ok, fine. I'll try, I'm a work in progress... sheesh."

Jasmine laughed because she knew that he was trying, but it's hard for him to show what he's really like. He's been putting on this hard guy image that he doesn't care about anything for so long, that he even started to believe it, himself. Jasmine invited Rossco over for dinner again later that week. When he went over there, he had roses and candy for her. Before he could knock on the door, Aaliyah and Frekka came running out of the house and knocked him over. They were so excited. He got up and gave them both a bear hug. Frekka hung around his neck, and Aaliyah grabbed onto his leg as he was walking up to the door. Aaliyah asked if this meant that their daddy and mommy were getting back together. Rossco said, "Sweetie we're working on it." Aaliyah and Frekka hoped that they would because they loved having their parents together. They didn't want their daddy to mess it up this time.

After dinner and the kids were tucked in, Jasmine and Rossco continued their conversation from where they left off a few nights before. They laughed and talked about the good times they always had together, Jasmine mentioned that she could set up a meeting for him to talk with the Long Ears and the Gassypups if he was really ready to stick to his word. He promised he was, and he know that it would take alot to convince the Long Ears and Gassypups that he was really ready to turn over a new leaf. Jasmine told him that she would talk him up and put a good word in for him with them. But she didn't know if that would make a difference. He said, "I'll accept any consequences that may come my way." Jasmine was amazed how much of a change he had made.

As it happened, they ended up spending the night talking and looking at pictures of the kids when they were wee little ones. Rossco was upset about how much he missed out on with them.  Jasmine had gotten a call from Erik asking if she could come in for a meeting. She said she was on her way. She gave Rossco a kiss on the cheek, and asked him if he could stay with the kids while she went to work. He said, "Of course, Honey, take your time."

At headquarters Jasmine explained to the Gassypups and Long Ears how Rossco would like to meet with them to talk about plans for Pilikea and how he wanted their help to make it happen. The Gassypups and Long Ears weren't sure of his intentions, but they agreed to a meeting for Jasmines sake. Rudy, wanting to be sure that Rossco knew he meant business, puffed out his chest and said Jasmine, "Tell Rossco that if I find out that he has any hidden agenda, I'll have to belch him around the room. Or I can just knock him out." As they continued talking, they heard a creeek, bang, and some screaming. Then the ceiling gave way. When the dust and smoke had settled, Rossco stood up dusting himself off, and wearing the most innocent look, asked if he was interrupting something.

                                                                  Part 12

Erik and Asali sneared at Rossco and got ready to pounce on him. Jasmine, standing between Rossco and the other two, said, "Rossco I told you I would ease them into this." His response was that he knew but he couldn't wait any longer.

Rudy, who was standing behind Jasmine, was in the perfect position to tackle him. As he went for the tackle, Jasmine leaned down and grabbed his ear. Rudy yelled "Ooow oow, oww!" He asked Jasmine why she did that. She said, "Because this is a peaceful meeting, we don't need any trouble." Rudy, yanking away all huffy said, "Fine I'll listen to what he has to say, but I'm not going to like it." Shelby said to Rossco, "Go ahead; tell us some more lies." Rossco was taken aback with what Shelby had said. He cleared his throat and expressed how sad he was in everybody not taking him seriously. Asali reminded Rossco that he didn't have the best track record. Rossco acknowledged that he may not have been truthful before and said that he has seen the light now.

Rossco explained that he didn't want his kids ever to be like he is. He said that his kids were the world to him, and that he wanted them to teach their kids how to enjoy nature, and to be good to the planet. He wanted his kids to learn the right way to respect nature and not take it for granted. He said, "I know I messed up, and now I'm paying for it." He also acknowledged that it was going to take a lot for the gang to trust him, but he was willing to work hard for their trust.

There was a commotion among the Gassypups and the Long Ears, until Erik called for silence. Erik continued saying that he noticed sincerity in Rossco's voice for the first time. Erik said, "If  he is truly asking for help this time, I don't think we should pass judgement just yet on his so called transformation."
Shelby agreed, "The only thing we can do is to keep our eye on him, and make sure he doesn't pull a fast one on us again."

With this settled, the Long Ears and Gassypups agreed to help Rossco with whatever he needed. Rossco realized that it might take a lot of time to get his planet, Pilikea, back and thriving; but he felt confident that with help, Pilikea would have lush greenery and clean waters once again. Their next challenge was how to come up with buildings that were green with clean energy to get Pilikea back to what it was. They had decided to do some solar panel buildings. That way they would know for sure the air would be clean.

After agreeing on the buildings, they would need to go to Pilikea to take stock of the damage done and make more decisions. Erik got Rudy a ton of air sickness medicine because he wanted to make sure Rudy would not be sick on the trip there and make the rest of the gang miserable.  The Gassypups and Long Ears started packing their stuff for the trip.. Erik agreed to help Sheila with her packing if she liked. Asali, not liking that idea, decided to beat Erik to the punch. When Erik and Sheila arrived, Asali was standing there with the biggest smile on his face. He said, "Here, Sweetie, I thought I would do your packing so you wouldn't have to worry about it."

Sheila gave Asali a kiss on the cheek and said "Why aren't you just the sweetest." Erik walked up to Asali and sneezed on him several times.

                                                                       Part 13

Asali wiped the snot off. He then attemped to tackle Erik, but before he could, Erik belched and sent Asali flying up into the air where he got caught on a tree branch. Asali, as mad as a hornet, and squirming to get free, cussed under his breath. @#$%^! Erik, wait 'til I get down from here. Erik, laughing at Asali trying to get free said, "You're so adorable when you're mad, little bro." That angered Asali. So with one last jerk, he broke free and fell like a ton of bricks, knocking Erik to the ground. As he heard the wind being knocked out of Erik, he couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. "How adorable do you think I am now!?" Sheila helped Erik up and brushed him off. She couldn't help but chuckle also saying, "Erik you did have that coming."  Erik, taking everything in stride, admitted he did deserve that as he said, "Ok, truce for now, but this isn't over by a long shot, Asali."

Shelia reminded them they had a big task at hand that had to be handled first. Then they could finish fighting over who got her affection. With everyone packed and ready to go to Pilikea in the morning, all there was left to do was to get a good night's rest. The next morning everyone was all rested and ready to go to the airport. The Gassypups and Long Ears were expecting to see a cluncker of a plane, but instead to their surprise, they saw this huge immaculate solar powered plane. Rossco and his family were already there waiting for the rest of the gang. Shelby said to Rossco, "Wow you really did hold out on us." Rossco said,"Why, what ever do you mean." Shelby continued, "I mean we expected some piece of junk plane, and instead we have this beautiful one." Rossco laughed, "I'm full of surprises."

Inside the plane, it was so spacious that you could fit a house in there. It blew their minds how they thought Rossco really didn't get what he was doing was wrong, then he comes up with a plane like this that really is enviromently friendly. Maybe they were wrong about him the whole time. Or maybe Rossco had a devilish trick up his sleeve. Only time would tell. As they all got comfy in their seats, the doors closed, and they were headed for the run way. Erik got this feeling like someone was missing. Everyone double checked to see who was accounted for. Everyone but Asali was there, they looked all around the plane and didn't see hide nor hair of him. Aaliyah said, "Mommy there's some strange sounds coming from my room, I'm scared." Jasmine went to check. Aaliyah loves stuffed animals, and has them all around her room. Jasmine looked around and saw something moving in her toys. She went to look, and who should she find but Asali all snuggled in there having a dream and sucking his thumb.

                                                                   Part 14

Jasmine laughed at Asali looking so cute, so she called the others over to take a picture. She told the pilot that everyone was on board, and they could go ahead and take off. The take off was a lot smoother than normal planes. They didn't even know they were already in the sky. They played games and watched movies as they were awaiting their arrival to Pilikea. After hours of flying they were finally in Pilikea. As they flew over they could see everything was desolate, and burned out.  They could tell there was a lot to do. The day after they arrived they went into planning what should be done first. Rossco had a team ready to build solar plants or whatever was needed to be done. There were already other teams picking up trash, and surveying sites  to build their new buildings. Before Rossco damaged Pilikea the weather was always beautiful, sunny, not too hot or cold. Now the weather was always unpredictible. It would rain one minute, and the next  hail or snow.

They wanted to build energy efficient buildings and have efficient cars so they could bring Pilikea back to a more stable enviorment.  They built wind mills and rebuilt farms, grew vegetables with no pesticides, and raised organic chickens and cows. They built a lot of houses to be green, with solar paneling and solar heating. Rossco took his team to build some solar power plants, so that if any natural disaster occurred, they wouldn't have to worry about the nuclear power plants radiating farm land and people. Rossco was very proud of the progress he had made, and he wasn't shy about letting people know. He told the Gassypups and the Long Ears, "See, I told you this would work; and you doubted me."

Erik rolled his eyes, and said, "Yes, what your doing now is working, but remember we practically had to pull your teeth to get you to agree."

Rossco said,"Um, yeah I don't remember it that way."

Rudy butted in and said,"Why, I ought to slap you for that remark."

Rossco smiled sweetly saying, "Yes, but you won't because I've grown on you."

As time past Pilikea was once again beginning to thrive. The pollution from the rivers and lakes was starting to clear up, and the weather was also starting to go back to normal. No more unpredictable patterns. Since everything was about back to normal again, it was time for the Gassypups and the Long Ears to say their good byes, and go back to their own planets. This was hard on Sheila, as she had not made a decision between Erik or Asali. She had grown to love them both to pieces, and she knew who ever she chose the other would be hurt. So she decided to go back to Earth with the Gassypups and spend some more quality with them. Both Erik and Asali were overjoyed to hear this, and they promised that they wouldn't fight over her until they got back to Earth. They said that was the the right thing to do.

Jasmine had an announcement to make of her own. She told Rossco, "I never loved you. I only said that we may have a chance to get back together because I knew that was the only way to get you to change and do what was best for the planet and its people. Jasmine also said,"I will be taking the kids, and we will be leaving." Rossco, heartbroken and feeling worthless, went home to sulk for days. While he was on his front porch drinking ice tea, and thinking how he could change Jasmine's mind. He found this lump on his neck that seemed to be the size of a quarter. He got worried, and called the doctor. The doctor told him she had no clue about what it was, but gave him some medicine, and said, "If  it gets worse call me immediately. When he got home it itched worse than ever, and he couldn't stop scratching it. He scratched and scratched until the lump came flying off. He ran over to see what it was and slipped on it. He slid across the porch and ended up breaking his leg. Jasmine had seen what happened because she and the kids were coming to get their things. As Rossco fell, Jasmine let out a cry and asked if he was ok. She went to investigate what it was he slipped on and found the flat, transparent body of a former tick. Jasmine rushed him to the hospital.

After he was all bandaged up Jasmine said, " I lied when I told you I never loved you."

Rossco said, "I knew it! I knew it because I could tell by your eyes.

Jasmine gave Rossco a big kiss. Frekka  put his hand between their mouths and said, "Ewwwww, thats gross!"

Aaliyah agreed, and said, "Mom, Dad, not in front of the kids." Jasmine and Rossco chuckled, and the kids asked if that meant that they were back together again.

Jasmine and Rossco both nodded, and Frekka and Aaliyah jumped for joy. Jasmine and Rossco had a big "thank you" send off for the Gassypups and Long Ears for all their hard work. Rossco said,"I'd like to think that I made some new friends." The Gassypups and Long Ears felt the same way.

The Gassypups and Long Ears gave an  extended invitation to Rossco and Jasmine to come to Earth or Loki any time they wanted.

The next day The Gassypups and Long Ears said their tearful goodbyes before getting on the plane. Erik asked Sheila if she really was up for going to Earth for awhile.

Her reply was, "Of course, I have other team members who can watch over things while I'm gone for a while. I would love to see more of Earth and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Erik said, "Ok, but you're in for a wild ride."




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