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Ski Time

Yes, we're  hugging. :Þ

At last the Gassypups were back home. They  were ready for some needed rest and relaxation.  Rudy, Emily, and Shelby wanted to go up to the cabin to go skiing since it was now early winter, and the snow fall was excellent for some major skiing and snow boarding. They asked Erik, Shelia, and Asali to come along as well. So they packed their snow equipment and were excited to be off for some fun.

After getting to the cabin, Erik asked Sheila if she would like to get a bite to eat since it was lunch time.

Sheila said, "I'd love too; I'm starving."

Asali said, "Me, too. I hope you don't mind if I tag along."

Erik gave Asali the evil eye and a snarl. Asali puffed out his little chest and said, "Come on I dare you, I'll take you on, Mr. Poopy Pants."

Shelia said, "Kids, kids, please no fighting, we just got home."

Erik and Asali agreed they wouldn't fight for the night. They said, " We'll fight when we're all rested, that's better."

Sheila rolled her eyes, "Boys-- can't win with them; can't win without them."  Erik and Asali had their fingers crossed behind their backs while giving Sheila puppy eyes and saying that they'd be on their best behavior.

In the middle of dinner Asali came up with a brilliant plan, He acted like he wasn't feeling good, and said that he needed to go to the bathroom. He got up from the table, acted all woozy, took two steps, and collapsed.

Sheila ran over to Asali, and said "Someone call for an ambulance!"

Erik, sensing that something was fishy, told Sheila that he was ok, and that he was just faking it. He said, "Here, I'll show you it's a trick." Erik poured water all over him, but Asali didn't move a bit. Sheila, giving Erik the evil eye, asked why he did that.

Erik responded, " How did I know he wasn't faking?"

Shelia listened to see if Asali was breathing, and he wasn't. She started to give him mouth to mouth when Erik noticed Asali's eyes flutter open as he put his hand on the back of her head. Sheila, shocked, jerked back, and saw that Asali had a big old grin on his face.

Erik growled with frustration, "See I told you he was faking it."

Sheila said, "But he wasn't breathing!"

After being helped up and kept away from Erik who was trying to tackle him, Asali explained that he learned how to lower his heart rate, and make it seem like he wasn't breathing.

Sheila, upset with Asali, asked, "Why would you do something like to that to scare everyone?"

Asali, still grinning from ear to ear, said, "Why to get a kiss from you of course."

Erik had been taken outside to cool down.

Sheila put her hands on her hips and said, "Well, thank you boys for being on your best behavior like you promised."

Asali sheepeshly said, "You're welcome. We tried our best."

Sheila sighed and rolled her eyes. "Boys!!"

                                                                     Part 2

After all the excitement from last night was over, everyone was exhausted and went back to the cabin for some movies and rest. The next morning they looked outside, and there were tons of new snow on the ground. Everyone was excited about the fresh new powder because it meant that it was excellent for skiing or snowboarding. Erik wanted to show Sheila one of his favorite slopes to go down, but before he could ask her if she wanted to go with him, Asali had grabbed her and ran out the door.

Erik growled and straped his gear on and ran after them.  The snow was falling hard; so hard you could hardly see anything. Erik was thinking about flying to them, but then since it was hard to see, he didn't want to hit a tree or anything. He could hear them, and he saw figures that looked like them. He thought that since flying probably wouldn't be the best idea, he would belch and watch Asali go flying into the air. He let out the biggest belch he could, but the snow was falling as thick as a blanket, so it just bounced off and knocked Erik to the ground.

Shelia and Asali heard a big thud behind them and went back see what it was. Erik had sunken down into the snow. Asali laughed and shook his head at Erik. After they helped him up, Asali asked what had happened. Erik told him that he belched because he was trying to hit Asali and watch him go flying, but it had back fired. That made Asali laugh even more because he knew the reason Erik was after him.

Shelia, feeling sorry for Erik, asked him if he wanted to go skiing with them.

Asali, not liking the idea of Erik tagging along since this was Asali's time to woo Shelia, said, "I'm sure Erik would rather go back to the cabin and get warm and have some hot chocolate since he's soaked."

Erik replied, "Sure, I'd love to join you guys. Since we'll be cold and wet when we're done having fun anyway, there's no reason for me to go change now."

Asali gave him a deadly stare, so Erik gave a sly smile and stuck his tongue out at Asali.

Asali was upset by Erik's actions and pulled his tail as hard as he could. Erik let out a yip.

Sheila turned around to see what all the commotion was about as Erik beared his teeth at Asali and asked him "Why did you do that for?"

Asali, acting as innocent as possibly because he knew Sheila was waiting for an answer too, said, "Erik I have no idea what you're talking about, Did something happen?"

Sheila was frustrated with both of them and said, "Kids can we please call a truce?" I didn't come for all this bickering."

Erik and Asali promised this time that they would be good...while skiing that is....

                                                                   Part 3

See Asali I let you get on the bed.
The snow was now falling lighter than before so it was easier to see where they were going. Asali and Erik were trying their best to keep the truce for the time being. It wasn't far to their favorite ski slope. This slope was the wildest ride anyone would ever want to go on. When they got to the top, Erik asked if Shelia would like to go tandum with him. She hesisted for a minute, because looking down at the slope, she started to get cold feet. Asali was standing at the edge of the slope putting the rest of his ski gear on. Erik was tempted to give Asali a push to get him started down the slope, but he remembered that he told Sheila he'd be good.

Erik said, "Unlike Asali, I keep my promises."

Asali replied, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Erik responed, "Why ask when you know what it means."

Asali, trying not to let Erik get under his skin, decided just to let it roll off his back. He knew in his heart of hearts that Shelia would choose him over Erik, but he didn't have the heart to tell Erik that he wasn't going to be the one. Erik used his smooth talking moves to convince Sheila that she would be alright. She jumped on the back of Erik's ski's, holding him around his waist as tight as she could.  Erik counted to three before heading down the slope. He could still tell Sheila was some what neverous.

He said,"Don't worry, Honey, I won't let anything happen to you."

She calmed down listening to Erik's soft voice and knew he was right and there was nothing to fear.

He said," Here we go!!"

As they started down the slope, she thought, 'What was I worried about. This is a piece of cake.' Then they started picking up speed which made her tighten her grip on Erik. Speeding down the slope with the wind whipping through their hair, Shelia screamed in Erik's ear from being scared out of her wits. They were coming to the bottom of the slope where there was a ski jump. The ski jump was what Erik liked the best. Because going off of it, you got a ton of air and were able to do some awsome flips and twists before hitting the ground again. Asali was not far behind them. They hit the ski jump, and Erik let out a "Yeeee Haaaaw!!" as he was flipping and twisting through the air. Sheila just closed her eyes as she was too scared to look. Erik sailed out over the top of a car and made a 10 point landing in the parking lot. Asali was just finishing his flips and made a 20 point landing by ending up on Erik's shoulders.

Erik let out a painful yell as Asali was on his shoulders.

He said, "Oh great now I'm going to need a neck and shoulder massage."

Asali replied, "Don't worry, Bro, I'll give you a great one when we get back to the cabin."

Erik refused Asali's offer for a massage. He said,"That's ok I'm sure Shelia won't mind giving me one. She has a softer touch then you do."

Asali was upset at Erik's refusel and wondered why he would want Sheila instead of him. However, he thought he would be generous and give Erik this time to spend with Sheila without protesting. It was getting dark, and they were wet and cold, so they decided to head back to the cabin for some good food and be warm and cozy by the fire place. When they got back to the cabin, they changed and ate. Asali started dinner and Erik started the fire. Shelia, getting comfortable on the couch, motioned for Erik to come over for a massage. Asali cooked but kept his eye on both of them to make sure no funny business happened. Erik about fell asleep from being so relaxed turned to Sheila for a quick smooch not realizing Asali was standing next to him with their food and breathing down Erik's neck.

Asali said, "DINNER'S READY!!"

Erik gave Asali a grunt and took the food in disgust, but he was starving and he loved Asali's cooking. After dinner they all sat and talked around the fire and played games for hours. They had so much fun that they lost the track of time. They had been up half the night before they were totally exhausted and decided to go to sleep.  Erik and Asali even forgot to fight over Shelia because of having so much fun.

                                                                 Part 4

The next morning they were still tired, and it was too cold to be out too long. So they decided to tell stories around the fire. Asali remembered the time he started to fall, so he clung onto the bunny tow rope for dear life and jerked it off it's trolly. He described how people and bunny tow operators were upset with him about holding everyone up. He didn't understand why they were so mad. It wasn't his fault that the designers didn't make the rope jerk proof.

Erik mumbled under his breath, "Some great skiier you turned out to be."

Asali responded, "I heard that!! And yes, for your information, I am a great skiier. I think I proved that yesterday.

He went on to say how he got his feelings hurt when everyone said, "Way to go, Clutz!  He even heard one person say, "Why do they let knuckleheads on the fun equipment?" The person behind Asali went so far as to throw a snowball at him. Asali ducked and, in turn, passed gas to knock the person out.

Other people who saw what happened were upset and got one of the operators to come see what was going on. Asali, still offended by having a snowball thrown at him for no reason, said, "If anyone makes a move, you're all in for it!" Lifting his tail, he carefully turned around aiming at everyone behind him.

The operator and alarmed guests said, "Sir we don't want any trouble. Can you put your tail down?" Asali assured them that there wouldn't be any trouble as long as they quit picking on him.

He said, "After all I've done for you people and the world, I come to have fun on my time off; and this is the thanks I get."

The bunny tow operator apologized and said, "Mr. Asali, Sir, forgive me and the guests we don't know where our heads are. Please accept these free passes for you and 5 of your friends."

Asali said, " Now that's what I'm talking about!!  While you're at it, how about a free stay at your hotel, too?"

The bunny tow operator advised him that he was pushing it.

Asali responded, " Can't hurt a guy for asking."

Erik and Shelia were so amused by Asali's story that they couldn't stop laughing until they howled. Asali, passionately telling his story, didn't even notice that they were laughing the whole time. When he did notice, he gave them his puppy eye look, and asked what was so funny because it was serious business. Shelia told Asali that they were not laughing at him; they were laughing with him.

"I'm not laughing."

Shelia gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, "But I love you. How could anyone not love someone as adorable as you?"

Asali, looking at Erik and giving a sly smile, stuck his tongue out to taunt Erik into fighting.

But Erik, being the diplomat that his is, said to Asali, "Oh, she didn't say that because your cute; she said that because she felt sorry for you and didn't have the heart to tell you."

                                                                      Part 5

This is my pet swan. I call her fluffy.
Asali started after Erik for the comment he made, but Sheila stepped in between them. Sheila looked at both of them sternly and asked, "How long was the fighting going to go on between you two?"

Asali answered, " Not long at all. As soon as I'm done with him, he'll know who is boss." Erik, of course, knew Asali was bluffing, because all it would take for Asali to hush up would be for Erik either to pass gas or belch and bounce Asali off a wall. Asali still straining to get at Erik, had a twinkle in his eye like he knew something Erik didn't know.

Sheila, having enough of all the bickering, decided to leave and let the chips fall where they may.

Both Erik and Asali, noticing that she was leaving, stopped fighting and tried to convince her to stay. She told them that she had had enough of their fighting; and if they did it one more time, they could say "goodbye" to her. Erik and Asali realized she meant business and promised her that this time they wouldn't fight anymore. They told her they didn't want to lose her, and said, "It'll be a fair game from now on. Best man wins." Having said that, Asali decided to write Sheila a letter in lemon juice so prying eyes couldn't see. He wrote, "This is for you, my love - hugs and kisses.

                                                                   Part 6

Since this letter is written in lemon juice, it must be held up to a flash light or candle. "I hope you enjoy this, my sweetheart. I mean every word of it, and these flowers are a token of my undying love for you."  And to you, Erik, I say :Þ~~

                                                               Part 7

When Sheila walked into the room, on the table she saw a candle burning with a blank piece of paper beside it. She thought to herself that this was a fire hazard and blew out the candle. Also on the table she saw a lovely bouquet of flowers and asked Erik if they were from him. She went on to marvel at their fragrance and beauty, So, of course, Erik shook his head, "Yes", saying, "I thought you'd like them". (It wasn't exactly a lie since he only shook his head instead of saying aloud the word, "yes")....  Sheila also didn't see his crossed fingers (for good measure) as he hid them behind his back.

Erik, hurt by Asali's letter took matters into his own hands. He knew he had to do something extravigant to sway Sheila to choose him over Asali. He decided to take her on a trip somewhere that would knock her socks off. Mexico would be perfect. He found a place that had boat tours to go whale watching because he knew she would love that. He also planned to take her parasailing. He remembered how she said that she would like to know what it would be like to fly through the air. Asali was upset that Erik and Sheila were going off to Mexico on their own, knowing that he wouldn't be there to watch Erik's every move. But he knew that Sheila wouldn't choose Erik, and he wanted to agree to the "no more fighting" pact they gave Sheila. Asali also didn't have the heart to tell Erik that he was just wasting his time since Asali was sure she had already made up her mind with whom she wanted to be. It wasn't going to be Erik. Sheila and Erik were all packed and gave Asali hugs and kisses before heading off to the airport.

When they got to Mexico, Sheila couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The hotel was on the beach, and the ocean was a beautiful crystal blue that you could see for miles. After they got to their separate rooms and unpacked, they went to do some snorkeling. They were in awe of all the beauty the ocean held. Dolphins came up to them and offered them rides of a life time. As they held on to their fins while the dolphins jumped out of the water, they had screams of joy to share with everyone in hearing distance. After an hour of ocean fun, they were ready to go back to their rooms and have a little rest.

Erik had this romantic dinner set up on the beach. There was a slight breeze coming off the water. Erik, so nervous for everything to be just right, knocked his glass of water over on Sheila who gasped at the shock from the cold water. Dinner didn't turn out the way Erik wanted it to either. The steak was burnt on the outside and raw inside. The dessert was all melted and warm. Erik wasn't pleased by the way things were turning out, but Sheila told him it was ok, that they would get dinner somewhere else. She told him it was the thought that counts.

The next morning after breakfast they got ready to go on their whale watching trip. About an hour later they were still waiting to see some whales. Finally one jumped out of the water. It was so close to the boat that you could practically reach out and touch it. Sheila's breath was taken away by the majestic blue whale, and she knew that this was a memory that was going to stay with her forever.

After the whale watching trip it was off to para sailing.  In the boat, as they were slipping into their para sailing gear, along came a short blonde guy wearing sun glasses.  He climbed into his booster seat behind the boat's wheel. Alarmed, Erik asked him if he intended to drive the boat.  The short blonde guy nodded his head in the affirmative . Erik then asked him if he was old enough to drive.

The boat driver was offended by Erik's incinuations, and he let Erik know that he didn't have to take that abuse from tourists. But it was hard to understand what the driver was saying because of his unusually heavy accent.

Now off shore, Erik and Sheila were reeled out to the end of their tethers. The boat driver was starving and decided to eat his lunch.  The wrapper from his sandwich flew off and hit Erik full in the face. Erik became disoriented and didn't know up from down, so he ended up falling face first into the water because he wasn't strapped in tight to his para sail.  Sheila tried to get the attention of the boat driver, but he just looked up at her grinning and waving. A jet skiier noticed Erik in the water and went to pluck him out and give him a ride back to the boat. When the jet skiier caught up to the boat, he asked the driver if he was missing someone. The boat driver, shocked to see Erik on the jet ski, informed him that jet skiing wasn't part of the contract. With his nose bent out of joint at these pushy tourists, he started reeling Sheila back into the boat.  In the boat, she couldn't stop staring at his nose.

The jet skiier said, " No offense, but where are you from?"

The boat driver told him that he was from Canada, and wanted to know why the jet skiier asked.

The jet skiier said, "Oh, I just thought you had an interesting unusual accent."

On the way back to the dock the boat driver swallowed his pride and apologized for not realizing Erik was in the water (after all he had a business to run and money to make from these ingrate tourists). Erik told him accidents happen, and it was ok. No one was at fault. He praised the boat driver for doing an excellent job...

After all the exciment Erik and Sheila were exhausted and headed to their rooms for the night. For the next morning they were heading back home after the relaxing vacation.

At the airport in Mexico getting ready to board their flight, Sheila thought she saw someone who looked exactly like Asali, but it couldn't be. When she looked again whoever it was had disappeared into the crowd.

                                                                Part 8

When they got home, Asali was waiting with open arms, excited to see them both for he had missed them to death. Sheila asked him what he'd been up to. He answered, "Oh this and that; It's been busy around here."  Sheila and Erik had gotten some souvenirs for Asali, about which he jumped for joy . Asali squeaked, "So I wasn't forgotten." They asked Asali if he stayed around home the whole time, and his response was " Si, eeerr yes!! Yes, I was here the whole time. He quickly went to play with his new toys so as not to look suspicious. Time had come for Sheila to make a decision about whom she was going to date. She tossed and turned in her sleep for days. She didn't want to hurt either of them, but she knew whatever her decision was, one of them would be hurt.

Sheila asked them both out to dinner at their favorite restaurant as she had finally decided whom she was going to date. She wanted to let Erik down easily, because she knew how sweet his soul was and how hurt he was going to be. She also knew that after some time he would find someone that would take his breath away, and that he would once again be happy.

They went to Shay Dawgs where they had the best steak and seafood in town. During dinner, Erik and Asali were anxious to find out who Sheila had chosen to be her boyfriend. Once they had eaten, Sheila started to say it was time for her to tell them whom she wanted. Erik, with his eyes wide and glued on Sheila, said, "Yes I know its me! Don't be sad, Asali, you'll find someone fast."  Asali thought to himself, "Hmmff, that's what you think Erik!"

Sheila told the boys there was no easy way to say this, so she was just going to come out and say it. She told Erik that she loved him but that she bonded better with Asali. Erik had his ears back and he was trying to hold back the tears that welled up in his eyes. As she looked at Erik, tears started streaming down his face. He said ," Why, Sheila, why?" Asali was trying to surpress his excitment and gave his brother a hug to console him. When Erik's back was turned, Asali started dancing around saying, "Yeah, I'm the man. You know it, uh huh." When Erik turned back around, Asali acted innocent and consoled Erik again. "No matter what, Erik, we'll always be brothers, and I will always love you."


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