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Friday, February 1, 2013

Time Travel

Look Rudy I caught me a rabbit. Oh wait that's you .

Sheila and Asali were away on vacation for a while. Shelby, Rudy, and Emily felt bad for Erik and wanted to do something to cheer him up and quit moping. Emily came up with the Idea to take Erik to Disneyland. She knew how he loved rides and knew that would get him out of his funk. Shelby and Rudy thought that was a great plan. Now the only thing to do was get Erik to agree to go. After a lot of convincing and begging him to go, Erik decided that was a good Idea. He knew the gang was just trying to cheer him up, but he didn't even think going to the funniest place in the world was going to do it. They packed their stuff and were on their way.

Erik was convinced that he wasn't going to enjoy Disneyland even though he loved the rides and all the fun. He was just so down about losing Sheila to Asali. Shelby  said, " Once we get there, watch, you'll forget all your troubles and be relaxed." They finnally got to their hotel where they unpacked and took naps before heading to Disneyland for fun. When they woke up all refreshed, they were starving and ordered some room service, and tried to decide on what to do first. They went for a swim first. On the way to the pool they saw this portal open. They were curious and went to check it out. First through was Rudy while the others waited to see what Rudy had to say about it. They heard screams as Rudy raced back out of the portal. He was so freaked out about what he saw that he didn't think the others would believe him.

When Emily asked him what happened, he explained all out to breath, that there was a land with dinosaurs on the other side.  The others, in disbelief, had to see for themselves. This time, waiting for them on the other side was a saber tooth tiger named Lily who was seeking their help. When they saw this land, they were so freaked out they turned around to come back through the portal. Lily yelled for them to wait because she could explain everything. The gang, so amazed by this new land, agreed to hear Lily out.  Lily went on to explain that there was a tyrannosaurus rex named Leroy who was out to end all species on the planet except for the tyrannosaurus, and he might keep a few humans around so they would wind up doing all the hard labor for him. Lily begged for their help and said that the Gassypups weren't just known in the present time, but they were also well known in dinosaur times. The Gassypups were cautious about helping out and asked if they could think about it. Lilly agreed but urged them not to take to long and reopened the portal for them to go back to their hotel.  She also gave them a device to contact her when they made their decision so the portal could be opened again.

Once back at the hotel, the Gassypups couldn't believe what they had seen. It was like something out of a dream, but they knew it wasn't a dream. Rudy, Emily, and Shelby were in the middle of disscussing what they should do when Erik Interrupted and said, " I believe Lily and I think we should help her out." After all isn't that what this team is about?  Shelby mentioned to everyone that she thought Erik might be smitten by Lily because she saw the way Erik looked at her like he used to look at Sheila. Erik said, " Well, whatever you guys do either way I'm going to help Lily even if I do love her err like her."

                                                         To be continued

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking For Rudy

It was an unusually cold fall morning. The air was crisp; the ground crunched with every step they took. Erik and Asali were at their cabin. They were on a mission to find their missing cousin, Rudy. These aren't any ordinary dogs.  They're  weredogs. Unlike their relatives, the werewolves, weredogs aren't ferocious and snarly. Weredogs are kind, helpful, and even like to play pranks. Erik and Asali are the founders of an organization called Gassypups. They're an elite team of weredogs who fight evil. The powers they have come in handy too against their enemies. Weredogs have sonic belching power that blasts their evil counterparts up to 3 miles away depending on how much force they put into their burps.  And their gassyness is powerful to the point where you pass out.

Asali and Erik were on vacation from their last mission. So they decided to go spend some time at the cabin to relax when a distress call came in from their cousin, Rudy, but they weren't  able to get all of it because they were cut off. The boys called their other cousin, Shelby, to help find Rudy. They had to go to headquarters to get some stuff first. Their headquarters were in downtown Seattle in an old abandoned building, that was on the water front. On a blustery day you can feel the building sway from the waves hitting the old wooden pillars. From the outside this building looked like it was haunted, broken windows, part of the siding falling off, part of the roof caving in.... On the inside it was what you would think of as someone's dream house, the best high tech stuff. There were 3 swimming pools, big screen tvs, 4 tennis courts, and food galore. They also had a state of the art security system.

Asali was on probation from doing missions because when he gets nervous, he passes gas, so he almost compromised some other missions. While he and Erik were out on another mission to find some of their friends, Asali passed gas while freeing them. Erik and the others passed out and almost got caught by a band of raccoons called the masked marauders. So Erik told Asali that until he could come up with
something that would calm his nerves, or he could just get over his nervousness, he had to stay and run headquarters. This wasn't Asali's favorite thing to do, miss all the action; but he agreed that until he could get it under control, he'd man headquarters. Asali was in the midst of making a tastey treat that would help his nervousness when he got a bleep from Rudy's tracking beacon.

Asali honed in on the bleep and discovered that Rudy was in Hawaii! Erik and Shelby had gotten all the equipment they needed, and were trying to decide whether to be lazy and blow money by taking a plane or just fly themselves. If they stretched their arms and soared, they would be in Hawaii in about 10 minutes. Moreover, if things went well, it wouldn't take too long to get Rudy out of his imprisonment. Erik and Shelby took a big jump, and off they flew. When they landed in the jungle, Shelby and Erik thought it would be a piece of cake. There wasn't anyone around, and it seemed way too easy; but despite listening to their instincts, they crept along the jungle path to check it out anyway. This was the perfect place for the masked marauders to have their hideout. It was isolated, a dense jungle with traps or other things -who knows where.

All of a sudden fog rolled in out of nowhere - fog so thick you could cut it with a knife. The air had the scent of evil. They knew that Procyon, head of the masked marauders, was somehow involved with the weather change. Procyon was dirty to the bone. He and his marauders had a plan to make a gas machine that would take over everyone's thoughts and make them mindless zombies for Procyon  to dominate and have them do his dirty deeds. Procyon had already made part of the gas machine. What he needed was a rare part that only Rudy knew where to find, or so Procyon thought.... What he didn't know was that Erik and the others also knew where it was too.As Erik and Shelby where trying to find where Rudy was being kept, they heard an ear splitting,"ooooOOOOOOOWWWW!!!" They both looked at each other and asked, " Was that Rudy yelling?" They knew they had to hurry and find him, as they knew Procyon wouldn't let up on his relentless torture until Rudy revealed where the part for the gas machine was. As Erik and Shelby were trying to locate Rudy, again they heard "oooOOOOWWWW!!!" closer this time. Erik said to Shelby, " We have to hurry and find Rudy before he gets tortured again." So they rushed towards the sound and found it was a puppy who had hurt her leg playing. They bandaged up the pup's leg, and gave her some medicine, and took her back to her people.

They returned to look for Rudy when they came upon a shack that gave them the creeps. Shelby said she would look around the back to see what was there. While Shelby did that, Erik decided to go into the shack, even though every bone in his body told him he shouldn't. He went up to open the door - creeeeeek. He walked in, and Shelby heard," AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!"

                                                                     Part  2

When Erik walked into the shack, he fell through a trap door. Shelby came running around through the front door and suffered the same fate. On the way down she thought it was fun, and said, "Wheeeeeeeeeee''. When they hit the bottom, they dusted themselves off and looked around for a moment. It was like a maze of halls and rooms. They knew Rudy was being kept in one of the rooms because theycould hear him singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall".  Even though they have keen hearing they were having a hard time trying to figure out where Rudy's voice was coming from because of the echo. They walked down one hall to see if they could hone in on Rudy. As they countinued walking, they saw some dark shadows. They ducked into an empty room, but kept the door slightly ajar so they could see who it was walking by.

It was Procyon's two main henchmen. Bandit and Stripes were walking along, talking about how they hushed up Rudy. Erik and Shelby grabbed Bandit and Stripes as they passed by the room and dragged them in. They got the information they wanted from Bandit and Stripes, or so they thought. After Erik and Shelby were done with their interrogation, they gassed Bandit and Stripes. Erik said, " Ahhhh that was a relief". Shelby tied and gagged the two, so that when they awoke they wouldn't be able to attract attention for help. Erik and Shelby checked to make sure the coast was clear, then walked out down the hall. They looked into a couple of rooms to see if Rudy was in one of them.

As they continued to walk, the floor started to rumble, and the door shook. The floor creaked, and they could hear Rudy yelling for help. They rushed into the room and found out that what they thought was Rudy singing before, turned out to be a recording. They looked up through a hole in the ceiling just in time to see the masked marauder, Lisa, fly away with Rudy in her arms. They thought about flying after her, but didn't know what she would do to Rudy, so they called Asali at headquarters.

Asali had been eating lunch when he got the call from Erik. He told them that he would work on locating Rudy again. He turned around to ask Emily, who is an office agent, if she had any new information, only to find her passed out cold. Asali had accidently gassed her. He said, "Oops, guess it was those darn burritos I ate."  "Beans do that to me", he chuckled. Asali's "Rudy finder" on his computer finally told him that Rudy was somewhere back in Seattle again not far from their headquarters. So once again off Erik and Shelby flew to Seattle.

Back in headquarters they got a call from Procyon who told them that Rudy was extremely stubborn and would not tell him where the part he needed was for anything. But he had been more than willing to inform Procyon that Erik and associates also knew this information after Procyon told him that things could go very badly for him. The crew had 24 hours.                                                        

                                                                            Part 3

The coast is clear.
Procyon was looking for a metal part for his machine, but little did he know that the part was right under his nose. The gas was what he needed  for his machine to be complete. Shelby called Procyon up to make a deal, they'd tell him where the part was in exchange for Rudy. Procyon thought for a few minutes and said,"What do I have to lose." Shelby told him the part was in San Diego on Butt Kisser Beach. Procyon scoured the beach with his metal detector but came up with nothing. He muttered to himself, "SHELBY now you've gone and done it!" He called Shelby up, and said she had one more chance to tell him where the part was or it was curtains for Rudy.

Shelby made a deal to meet at Coco's, a restaurant near the beach. She said that they would bring the part in exchange for Rudy. Proycon agreed to be there at 8:00 pm sharp.  Coco's has a back room that's secluded. That would be the best spot to get Procyon and not attract any attention from the other diners. Procyon was escorted to the back room by a waiter. When he walked in he saw  that Shelby and team where wearing gas masks. Bandit and Stripes brought Rudy in. Procyon said,  "Ok, on the count of three we exchange. One, two... "Let 'er rip Asali!" Cried Erik.  Asali came out from hiding behind Erik, and poof a cloud of gas flew everywhere. To bad they didn't get Bandit and Stripes as well. Both Bandit and Stripes left after Rudy was brought in. But poor Rudy, he wasn't expecting gas and so he was out cold along with Procyon.

They pointed and laughed at Procyon when he awoke. Asali told him that their gas mind control doesn't work on weredogs just on non weredogs. Procyon knew he was at their beck and call, and he declaired that he'd find some way to come out of it if that was the last thing he did. When Rudy awoke he said."Man Asali do you need to go to the bathroom?" The gang was so happy to have Rudy back, they hugged and pig piled on him.