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Friday, February 1, 2013

Time Travel

Look Rudy I caught me a rabbit. Oh wait that's you .

Sheila and Asali were away on vacation for a while. Shelby, Rudy, and Emily felt bad for Erik and wanted to do something to cheer him up and quit moping. Emily came up with the Idea to take Erik to Disneyland. She knew how he loved rides and knew that would get him out of his funk. Shelby and Rudy thought that was a great plan. Now the only thing to do was get Erik to agree to go. After a lot of convincing and begging him to go, Erik decided that was a good Idea. He knew the gang was just trying to cheer him up, but he didn't even think going to the funniest place in the world was going to do it. They packed their stuff and were on their way.

Erik was convinced that he wasn't going to enjoy Disneyland even though he loved the rides and all the fun. He was just so down about losing Sheila to Asali. Shelby  said, " Once we get there, watch, you'll forget all your troubles and be relaxed." They finnally got to their hotel where they unpacked and took naps before heading to Disneyland for fun. When they woke up all refreshed, they were starving and ordered some room service, and tried to decide on what to do first. They went for a swim first. On the way to the pool they saw this portal open. They were curious and went to check it out. First through was Rudy while the others waited to see what Rudy had to say about it. They heard screams as Rudy raced back out of the portal. He was so freaked out about what he saw that he didn't think the others would believe him.

When Emily asked him what happened, he explained all out to breath, that there was a land with dinosaurs on the other side.  The others, in disbelief, had to see for themselves. This time, waiting for them on the other side was a saber tooth tiger named Lily who was seeking their help. When they saw this land, they were so freaked out they turned around to come back through the portal. Lily yelled for them to wait because she could explain everything. The gang, so amazed by this new land, agreed to hear Lily out.  Lily went on to explain that there was a tyrannosaurus rex named Leroy who was out to end all species on the planet except for the tyrannosaurus, and he might keep a few humans around so they would wind up doing all the hard labor for him. Lily begged for their help and said that the Gassypups weren't just known in the present time, but they were also well known in dinosaur times. The Gassypups were cautious about helping out and asked if they could think about it. Lilly agreed but urged them not to take to long and reopened the portal for them to go back to their hotel.  She also gave them a device to contact her when they made their decision so the portal could be opened again.

Once back at the hotel, the Gassypups couldn't believe what they had seen. It was like something out of a dream, but they knew it wasn't a dream. Rudy, Emily, and Shelby were in the middle of disscussing what they should do when Erik Interrupted and said, " I believe Lily and I think we should help her out." After all isn't that what this team is about?  Shelby mentioned to everyone that she thought Erik might be smitten by Lily because she saw the way Erik looked at her like he used to look at Sheila. Erik said, " Well, whatever you guys do either way I'm going to help Lily even if I do love her err like her."

                                                         To be continued

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